Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cool Environmentally Friendly Tools

I am an avid fan of cool tools that enhances my job and speed up the process of work. I like anything that creates convenience not just for me but also for the customers.

My recent jobs include a lot of paint work. Painting can be tedious and tricky. The clean up process is not fun either. Many times a customer gets upset because I clean rollers and paint brushes using a hose in their backyard, leaving paint on their grass or ground. For my own home, I wash the rollers in the bathroom sink and that not only splatters paint all over, making my wife extremely unhappy, but I get it all over my hands. At the end of the day the roller doesn't really get cleaned all that thoroughly and I end up throwing many rollers away.

Today I purchased a new tool, the Rejuv-a-Roller. Not only is this tool more environmentally friendly as it doesn't leave a mess in the ground and saves water, it is a cost-saving device that is easy to use and allows me to quickly clean up! I can't wait to get it!